Reflections from 360 Communications on working with SmokingWords.

360 Communications

As the semester winds down, 360 Communications is slowly wrapping up the campaign for our client, SmokingWords. At our last agency meeting, we all started to reminisce on what we have accomplished, and learned over the past four months. We could not believe that the end is so near.

What we have learned

For the majority of us, this was the first time that we actually had a chance to apply our in-class knowledge to a real-world situation. We tested a plethora of strategies and approaches to ensure that our campaign was a real success. We did all of this while maintaining a firm grasp on the foundations of our field.

In addition, we learned the true definition of teamwork, and the importance of diversity. By having varying viewpoints and beliefs, it definitely helped to promote growth and understanding within our group. With all of our unique personalities…

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