Reflections from Red Stick PR on working with Fellowship Church.

Red Stick PR

By: Jordan Churchman

(Red Stick PR members reflecting on the semester. Video courtesy of Red Stick PR).

As the semester comes to an end Red Stick PR members reflect on what we have accomplished and the knowledge we have gained. One of the most important aspects of our campaigns class this semester was the service-learning component. Through this component, we were able to work directly with our client, Fellowship Church, to facilitate its needs and help further its personal goals.

Louisiana State University’s Center for Community Engagement, Learning, and Leadership, CCELL, offers students and faculty a way to engage in service-learning and community-engaged research. We believe that service-learning is one of the best tools that students can utilize while at LSU. It allowed us to gain accountability, timeliness, professionalism and integrity. When working with a real client responsibilities become a reality.

This past weekend, Fellowship Church South Ascension and Red Stick…

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