578 Communications

Madison Hentze, Strategy director of 578 Communications, here reporting for weekly update duty. A month after its establishment, our student-run public relations firm has set in motion our exciting and promising Mentorship Academy campaign.

Following multiple agency meetings exploding with grand brainstorming ideas, 578 Communications put the R in R.O.P.E.S – a cherished PR mantra – by conducting research about Mentorship Academy and the publics we hope to connect with. Even though an inconvenient government shutdown threw a wrench in some research plans, 578 prevailed and kicked off our semester-long nonprofit campaign for Mentorship Academy.

One of the first things the ladies of 578 Communications aim to begin planning is a celebratory event spotlighting Mentorship Academy and its unique mentoring program.

578 Communications recently set a goal of recruiting a group of at least 30 professional and academic mentors to compose Mentorship Academy’s first mentor class. Event director Alex Fish…

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