PRSSA at Louisiana State University

Choosing which break-out sessions to attend during PRSSA 2013 National Conference proved to be the most difficult part of the whole trip. There were so many speakers that had so much information to offer I did not want to miss any of it. Unfortunately, I have not quite figured out how to be in two (or three or four) places at once, so I buckled down and made those tough choices.

On October 27, I decided to attend “From the Crisis Trenches: Blazing a New Trail in Crisis Communications” by Rae Bazzarre and Katherine McLane of The Mach 1 Group. I am very interested in the nonprofit sector of public relations, and Bazzarre and McLane gave me a glimpse into this world. They focused on how they dealt successfully with one of the greatest crises a nonprofit may face – scandal with its founder.

Bazzarre and McLane run the communications…

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