578 Communications

It’s crunch time.

Time for freakouts, last-minute tweaks, frantic calls, community and media outreach and frequent client contact. Why all the scurrying, you ask? The big event, Mentorship Academy’s mentor open house, is in one week.

This event is a first for all of us involved. It’s the first time 578 Communications and most of its agency members are planning a formal event. It’s the first time Mentorship Academy has attempted to recruit mentors. And it’s the first time Mentorship Academy students will have formal mentors, if all goes according to plan.

Making this happen is exciting but mostly nerve-wracking at this stage in the game. Will anyone come to our event? Will they sign up to be a mentor? Will we meet our goal of 30? What if we fail?

Every time I start feeling overwhelmed (like now), I consult our master to-do list, which helps me see…

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