PRSSA at Louisiana State University

VisionaryLet’s talk PR strategies.
The basic strategy involves formative research: analyzing the situation, the organization and the public. A team then creates an actual strategy including goals and objectives, formulating action and response strategies, and designing communication. Then the team selects communication tactics and implements the plan. This strategy is usually a success and can be altered in many different, creative ways.

If Beyoncé’s PR team followed this strategy, how was the release of her secret album different? Why was it such a success?

In this day and age, with everything becoming digital and every person under the age of 60 (and some above) integrating social media into their daily life—PR has a lot to do with hype.

When a brand is developed and fully established, they have a specific voice and usually, a standard marketing plan to go along with their product. That marketing plan includes a lot…

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