PRSSA at Louisiana State University

By Paige Weber

Celebrities and other high-profile people take to Reddit to promote their latest gigs. From Bill Nye the Science Guy to President Obama, we have seen many different publicity moves using Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” feature.
The most recent one to catch my eye was Bill Murray, who is arguably one of the best actors and comedic writers of our time. I’m a big fan of him in Wes Anderson’s movies (re: “The Royal Tenebaums,” “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”), so I hopped over to his AMA to see what it was about. Make sure you check it out here.
Naturally, his AMA was to promote his newest movie, “The Monuments Men.” This got me thinking, is Reddit a good tool for public relations? Here are five things I learned:

1. It’s OK to answer statements.
Murray often answered Redditors who weren’t even asking questions. I…

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