PRSSA at Louisiana State University

By Deon Sumer

One of my biggest fears about coming to a campus as big as LSU was just how hard it would be to build up a résumé. The idea of starting on a blank slate was horrifying. I began searching for opportunities before I even went to orientation. I searched the Manship website, newsletters, etc. To my excitement, there were many opportunities for internships. Unfortunately, next to every single one read something along the lines of “experience necessary.”

The Journalism building via The Journalism building via

Anyone serious about a degree in communications has heard the tune “you need experience to get experience.” This brings up the frustrating question many freshmen ponder: How do I get this initial experience?

The first lesson I have learned pertaining to this question is that any experience is good experience. When establishing your initial experience, involvement in any concentration of mass communications is helpful. I…

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