PRSSA at Louisiana State University

Have you ever contemplated running for a position on PRSSA at LSU’s executive board? Chapter president Paige Weber, along with Chapter vice president Emily Beck give us the scoop on what a day in the life of an executive member is like in the first installment of the thrilling “Executives Tell All” series. Learn insider details on these two positions straight from the source. Tune in for more from the executives as we near the deadline for submitting applications.

El Presidente: Paige Weber

Paige Weber, President Paige Weber, President

1.    What inspired you to run for an executive board position?
I originally ran for an executive board position (in 2012) because I still had a year before starting my public relations-specific classes. I figured joining the e-board would give me the opportunity to learn more and gain experience sooner than my academic schedule allowed me to in classes. (It did.)
I ran again…

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