PRSSA at Louisiana State University

On Feb. 8 I attended LSU Campus Life’s Women’s Leadership Symposium. The purpose of the symposium was to build confident and informed women. Sheryl Sandberg’s novel Lean In influenced the conference.

Gender issues was a major topic of discussion. It is no secret women are often secondary to men in the work place. Men get paid more, are given more opportunities and are not subjected to the same criticism as women. While there are some social restrictions that hold women back, one thing I realized at the symposium is we women stand in our own way.

Women are just as capable of taking on leadership positions and succeeding in them as men. According to Sandberg in Lean In, women are just as, if not more,  successful at running companies as men.

So why are more women not taking charge and stepping up? Many women, myself included, feel we just…

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