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When it comes to tailoring a clients’ message, I’ve found that research is key. Not only do you need to research the current message your client is using, but you also need to research trends within the demographic, the target audience and how to maximize the message to different segments of the demographic. As a part of the Bateman Team this year, we were given our client and the target audience. With that information alone, we were eager to start planning our campaign, but we knew we had to take a step back and delve deeper into research for the target audience.

Our creative message of the campaign was strong and simple, but we needed to make sure the impact was as significant to every demographic in the target audience. The creative message #FreeYourWallet, was created to tailor our clients message to Louisiana State University students. #FreeYourWallet coincided with our client’s product, which is a personal payment system, and could be tailored to the specific demographic of student organizations and vocal groups on campus we wanted to target.

Our very first pitch was to a sorority. We had no presentation or deliverables. It was only three undergraduate public relation students talking to more than 250 undergraduates in one small room. All eyes in the room were on the three of us pitching, and we had no presentation to fall back on or podium to hide behind. But, through using the tailored creative message and an informal presentation style, we had a great response and applause  — not just a golf clap we expected from pitching to other undergraduate students. After we finished the presentation we knew from then on we had to think not just about the content of our pitch, but what we chose to include or leave out of the pitch to make it more appealing. We also had to consider how we would present ourselves, whether it be formal or casual.

Throughout our month-long campaign we gave 21 pitches to different demographics in the target audience. Not one pitch was the same. The Bateman Team was constantly on its toes, ready to make changes on the spot to our pitches to further engage the audiences. We had examples of ways to #FreeYourWallet that we would discuss with groups and we had to research and analyze which ones would be most effective and would engage the demographic in the conversation.


Creative messaging collateral for Bateman Case Study Competition

Tailoring the message encompassed having to research and then reshape our pitches, our appearance and our presence at meetings. Throughout the campaign we were constantly looking back at how we can tweak our pitches and make every aspect more appealing to certain demographics. Now that the campaign is finished I am proud to say that the five members of the Bateman Team can look forward at a successfully tailored campaign that could also be used nationwide on different campuses.

 Post written by: Anna Long, Mass Communication: Public Relations, senior at the Manship School of Mass Communication