PRSSA at Louisiana State University

On the last day of the PRSSA 2014 Region 5 Conference, “Hollywood Under the Oaks,” we welcomed one of the conference keynote speakers, Lauren Berger, commonly referred to as the “Intern Queen.”

Lauren Berger via Lauren Berger via

Berger shared some fantastic stories on her various internship experiences and how she gained her title. After having 15 internships throughout college, Berger understands the importance of an internship and recognizes the need for more internship resources. In 2009, Lauren created Intern Queen Inc. to help students navigate the ins-and-outs of applying for internships, being an intern, making connections, gaining valuable career experience and more.  Here are my four main takeaways from the Intern Queen’s visit:

Follow up and stay in touch.
When applying for internships or careers in general, following up is key. The Intern Queen stressed the importance of not only following up, but following up THAT NIGHT. If…

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