PRSSA at Louisiana State University

Kristi Williams Kristi Williams

Kristi Williams joined LABI as their Vice President of Communications during the summer of 2012 as part of a technology initiative. Prior to that, she was the Communications Director at BREC, the local parks and recreation commission. While at BREC, Kristi received national and regional awards for her communications programs. She is an accredited public relations practitioner with 21 years of public relations experience. Kristi serves in multiple leadership positions with PRSA and SPRF. She teaches public relations writing as an adjunct instructor at LSU during the fall semester. Her undergraduate degree is from LSU in Political Science. She recently defended her thesis for a master’s degree in Mass Communication specializing in Political Communication, and will graduate in May 2014. She is member of the Cherokee Nation and the Delaware Nation, and a native Kansan. She married David Williams and has one son, Tobin.

Sadie Wilks Sadie Wilks

Wilks is…

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