It has been 192 days since members of the 2014 LSU Bateman Team found out we would be working together to plan, implement and evaluate a full-scale public relations campaign. “Based on personal situations, I didn’t know if I would be able to give 100 percent of myself to the campaign and to the other team members,” says Emily Beck. She continues, “It wasn’t until my mom encouraged me to follow my heart and go through with the Bateman process that I fully committed myself to the position on the team.” In fact, all members admit their initial hesitation when sending an email response confirming their acceptance to the team.

Members of the team quickly learned the importance of punctuality, clear communication and professionalism. At a moment’s notice, members could be asked to present an impromptu pitch followed by a sprint across campus to host a table sit. “I dressed semi-professional each day just in case we would be on camera. We had no clue what the day held,” says Anna Long.

In total, members of KREWE Public Relations garnered 40,371 Facebook impressions, 113 followers on Twitter and 85 followers on Instagram. Members spoke with 1,912 students through various pitches and presentations spanning campus. “My phone was constantly buzzing, but it was always great getting notifications from students,” says Elise Bernard.

“We put our heart and soul into the campaign. It was rewarding to look back at our results and see the outcome of all of our efforts,” says Allison Sage. We discovered — with the help of various measurement tools — the amount of LSU Popmoney users increased by 50 percent. The perception of Popmoney also changed throughout the #FreeYourWallet campaign. The most impressive perception change included a 110 percent increase in the feeling of security when using the app.

Members of the team experienced something completely different from any internship or work-related opportunity. We relied upon members of the community, but we also had to hold ourselves and each other accountable. We were all our own managers. “When the pressure was on, we had to utilize our resources throughout the community, and we felt a support system like none other,” says Erin Kenna.

“I never imagined learning as much as I did within such a short period of time with four other women my age,” says Emily Beck. After five months, each member summed up the experience in one word. Watch the included video to find out how each member responded and witness a day in the life of a 2014 LSU Bateman Team member.

Post written by: Erin Kenna, Mass Communication: Public Relations, senior at the Manship School of Mass Communication, and