So proud of Broad Magnolias’ work for Youth Oasis in Baton Rouge. #manship4005 #geauxmanship

It has been a whirl-wind of a semester working with a real-life client, Youth Oasis Children’s Shelter, and fellow public relations seniors. I have never felt as much of a taste for the real world, post-graduation as I have during the past four months. From trying to find a time to meet between seven busy students, to communicating with professionals during overwhelming work hours, finding our “flow” was a struggle.

I think our biggest struggle starting out was getting past the world of hypotheticals. Our whole college careers have been spent working on projects for hypothetical clients, hypothetical campaigns and hypothetical products. That is where we were comfortable and willing to stay. As the semester rolled on we quickly realized that was not going to cut it. We had a client signed up and willing to take what we offered them. There were real people involved and very real…

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