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Public Relations Campaigns is the most fun class to teach EVER. It is the senior capstone. The class where students get to shine, put to use all the information they have learned over the last 4(sometimes +) years, and create deliverables to use in their portfolios. It is also the class where Manship School of Mass Communication students get to give back to the community they have been a member of during their time in college, understand social issues affecting members of their community, and learn about civic responsibility via the course service-learning project.

This semester’s service-learning clients are three nonprofits that focus on youth issues in the Baton Rouge Community: mentoring program for economically, educationally or emotionally disadvantaged youth, Big Buddy; sports and athletic training program for youth with intellectual disabilities, Capital Area Special Olympics; and homeless youth shelter, Youth Oasis.

Three student “agencies” have been assigned to work for these nonprofits. Each agency consists of an account executive, design director, event director, strategy director, and writing director. The agencies carry out each step of the ROPES (research, objectives, programming, evaluation, stewardship) process for the client. This project includes putting together a full year campaign plan book, creating 10+ deliverables for a mix of traditional and nontraditional media, and planning and executing a full-scale campaign kick-off event. This year’s event will be infinitely more interesting as the three nonprofits have asked the students to plan ONE group event. This will be a great chance for our students to tap into their existing networks, pool resources, and gather as much awareness (and funds) for these worthy nonprofits that they can.

Please follow this semester’s agencies:

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Elevate Communications,

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Gateway Communications, and

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Thrive Public Relations.