Guest blogger Mattie Eversole is a December 2015 Manship School graduate with a Bachelor’s in public relations and a minor in Spanish. After graduation, Mattie moved back to her hometown of St. Louis, Mo. to seek a position in the public relations field. Mattie is an avid runner, baker and Pinterest user. Feel free to connect with Mattie via email.

Mattie Eversole

Mattie Eversole, 2015 Manship School of Mass Communication Graduate

You march across the stage and accept your degree. You did it. The days of tests and hoping for curves are behind you, but what exactly lies ahead? You suddenly go from meticulously planning your weeks to having so much free time it should be illegal.

It’s easy to get discouraged, but remember, all of our role models started somewhere. Twelve publishers rejected J. K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter manuscript. While chances are you won’t wind up with more money than the Queen of England, you’ll be just fine. Keep these tips in mind in order to help overcome the post-graduation panic while you search for your dream job.

  1. Don’t be shy

If you finish school and don’t yet have a job, one of your biggest priorities should be making your name and work known.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to neighbors, family friends or your family members’ colleagues. You can also join your local alumni association to meet a group of like-minded people who would love to help out a fellow grad. You never know who might have an amazing connection at the right time.

In the event you land a part-time job, don’t hesitate to seek more responsibility. Talk to your supervisor about running a social media page. This is an opportunity to grow your portfolio and make a part-time job pop on your resume. Asking for more responsibility shows major initiative that your supervisor will remember if he or she is your reference in the future.

  1. Stay sharp

Read, write and read some more.  Whether it’s reading articles on Ragan PR or catching up on the election news, keep yourself connected to the world of communications. A huge part of practicing PR is living the current social media and communications trends. Never stop learning about to reach audiences in our busy world. As for writing, starting a blog is a wonderful way to keep your AP style in check and network with other bloggers.

  1. Find a routine

After spending years living and breathing the routine of class, homework and trying to have a social life, the post-graduation lack of routine can be dangerous and may result in too much Netflix. Creating a routine can help you avoid digging in to the depths of mediocre TV shows. Wake up at a reasonable hour and dedicate some time to reading, writing or job searching, then find something to do outside the house. This could be anything from going to the gym to volunteering.  Creating structure will give your days meaning and help fight those pesky post-grad blues.