Guest blogger Rai Masuda is the Director of Integrated Marketing for Forte Interactive, a West Palm Beach-based company that is comprised of three divisions: Achieve, a research and campaigns agency for causes and companies, RacePartner, an integrated endurance registration and fundraising solution and TrustedPartner, a complete web solution for nonprofit professionals. Rai is responsible for developing content-based initiatives, managing day-to-day digital marketing strategies like SEO and social media, and monitoring all marketing campaigns to help guide future projects. He is part of Forte’s recruitment team and works closely with staff members to create engaging, thought-provoking content that highlights Forte’s “west-coast” culture. Rai graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication from Flagler College in 2008 and a M.M.C. from the Manship School of Mass Communication in 2013. Feel free to reach out to Rai on LinkedIn or at

Rai Masuda

Rai Masuda, 2013 graduate of the Manship School

As a marketing professional I’m often asked, how do you show Leadership that your marketing is working? Whether you’re working for a nonprofit, tech company or an agency, your bosses are going to want your initiatives to increase brand awareness and generate sales leads. Some professionals don’t have the luxury of working for a company who understands what marketing is. However, there is a common language that marketers and business executives understand. Data.

After graduating from the Manship School of Mass Communication I didn’t talk about my past work experience during my first job interview. I talked about content marketing, google analytics and monthly metric reports. I didn’t talk about me, I talked about how data will help their brand. At the end of the interview the CEO said this approach convinced her to hire me. After two years of nonprofit work I’m now the Director of Integrated Marketing for Forte Interactive and responsible for marketing three separate divisions, Achieve, RacePartner and TrustedPartner. So, how do we make sure our marketing initiatives are raising awareness and generating leads for our sales staff?

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing boosts your engagement and is an excellent way to raise brand awareness. Original content attracts customers to your website and is vital to building trust between consumers and brands. It’s important to remember that the most successful B2B marketers have a strategy that is documented. At Forte we have a content calendar that serves as a central location for everything relating to our blogs, white papers and research reports. Remember, always include a call to action and make it relevant to the specific post or topic. Our team makes it’s easy for the user to find out more about our products and services by embedding contact forms on every blog and feature page.

  1. Google Analytics

After ensuring your company’s website has the Google Analytics tracking code installed it’s time to get to work. Pay particular attention to the search traffic metric because it shows whether your SEO and keyword strategies are working. As a marketer you also want to focus on how your social landing pages are performing. You’re promoting that awesome content you created on social media and these data will show if your posts are driving traffic to your site.

When users’ visit your website they are taking a journey. These pathways can be captured using Google Analytics goal and funnel tools. When I write a blog that highlights our company culture I want to know if the reader took the next step and visited our Careers page. The Careers page is the goal and the homepage and blog post are the two funnels that lead them to the goal. When Achieve releases new research like The Millennial Impact Report, I want to know the steps people are taking before they download the research so I know which landing pages to promote.

  1. Monthly Metric Reports

You’re capturing the leads coming in through your content initiatives. You’ve set up goals and funnels so you know what users are doing on your website and you’re actively monitoring Google Analytics. Great! Now it’s time to market yourself to Leadership. Every month I submit an Excel spreadsheet with breakdowns of our websites, goals and funnels, inbound leads, social media reach, downloads and webinar registrations. I also include a highlight tab that features all of our major media mentions, department wins and where we can improve. I recommend pulling monthly metrics for the year prior to your hiring so you can illustrate your value and get that well-deserved promotion! There are a lot of great things about data, but the best thing is that data has no reason to lie to yo